12 Step Affiliate Marketing Program

How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Even If You’re Broke? The following steps are based on my own personal experience that worked for me in affiliate marketing. This platform is designed to lead you in the right direction to a successful online business.

1. Open a bank account if you don’t already have one. This is how affiliate marketing companies will pay you. Make sure your bank is internet friendly and works well with paypal.

2. Open an email account. It won’t hurt to have more than one.  A Google account is going to be very useful, but I like Mail.com because it allows you to have up to 10 alias email accounts. In affiliate marketing it’s good but, optional to set up alias email address’.

3. You will need a PayPal acount to get paid, buy, and for money transfers. Using PayPal helps keep your personal banking information simple, direct, anonymous, and protects you from identity thief and other possible online scams. Click this link to register now. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/account-selection. Pay is almost a must in affiliate marketing.

4. Once you have your bank and PayPal account set up, you will need to link your PayPal to your Bank. Paypal will explain how to do this. Make sure you set up the accounts to send you alerts via phone or email. This is very important. It allows you to monitor sale activities on your affiliate marketing site, blog or social media.

5. Now you need to come up with a niche to promote on your affiliate marketing campaign: A niche is a small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer. Basically it’s a plan about what kind of product category you want to promote. Example: if my niche was health and fitness then my affiliate marketing campaign would focus around products that are health and fitness related or products that I can promote as health and or fitness. *Sometimes it’s best to get out a sheet of paper and write down some categories that you may be interested in. Keep this list you will need it later. Pick your favorite category from your own personal list for you niche and start from there.scroll-transparent-png-13 There are many more options. This is just an example.
I can’t stress this enough. A good niche is the most important part to making any system work. The wrong niche will cost you money, while the right niche will earn you life-time income. A good niche is the key to it all.

WEBSITE CREATION (optional)                       6. I suggest creating your own personal affiliate marketing website or blog to host your promotions. This will give you greater control over your business. Some companies will not allow you to affiliate with them unless you have a website. There or many website builders online, I perfer >> WordPress. I highly recommand it for blogs and simple sites. WordPress works really well for affiliate marketing beginners. You can build and operate a WordPress site for FREE. However, if you perfer more control, a personal plan is around $4 a month. That’s what I use for all my sites. Other plans are available for up to $25 a month depending on your choice for use. When designing a site, remember to always keep it simple. Being complex only complicates things. You want your customers to have it simple and easy. Give your heading a title and jump right into your affiliate marketing subject. No beating around the bush so to speak. When I first started I used FREE plans then upgraded. Now those sites generate income that easily pay their own fees. This isn’t an overnight get rich scheme, remember? Affiliate Marketing is a real business that works if you work it. A lot of people make a good living at affiliate marketing. To start your own awesome FREE website today, just click the image below.


7. The next big issue is how to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing website. Simply put, traffic is the amount of visitors to a web site. No traffic, no sales, no sales, no money. So to say least, traffic is a must. I will admit, It can be difficult at first, but just don’t give up or be discouraged. When you give up, you throw it all away. As I stated before, this is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a business, but it’s a good business, that can lead to huge success, if you apply effort.

I found that promoting your affiliate marketing website and/or products on social media is a excellent way to drive traffic to your website or products that you are promoting (See #8 and #9 below). The more friends you have on social media the better. I use social media a lot and I always ask others to share and like my posts. The more people share and like, the more likely you will get the traffic you need and it’s FREE… However there are other ways. SEO (search engine optimization) Quite simply, SEO is the umbrella term for all the methods you can use to ensure the visibility of your website and its content on search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. SEO is doable and drives the most traffic. SEO is something I use along with the social media approach for my affiliate marketing system. Actually driving traffic to your site using social media will help your SEO. The more SEO Made Easytraffic that comes to your site, the more Google and other search engines recognizes the site’s rank-ability. In my opinion, SEO is where the real money is. I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to make money online learn all you can about SEO. You can purchase “SEO Made Easy” today for only $4 and you will receive another E-book for FREE that will guide you to earning a full-time income online. I gained a vast amount of insight from this book.

8. Create a Facebook account using the new email address you created in step #2. Then you need to add a page to your Facebook account and name it after your affiliate marketing website. Later you will link the two together. On this Facebook account you need friends (as many as you can get) You also need to join Facebook groups (as many as you can) *Best to find groups related to your niche that you can sale stuff on or other affiliate marketing group. Note: FaceBook has the option to advertise using thier adds. This isn’t free but is very affordable for just about anyone. Some times I run just $3 adds. They work great!

9. Create a Twitter account using your new email address that you created in step #2. Copy and paste this in the tweet section “Hey, I’m new to Twitter hoping to find new friends and just find out what’s up”. You can only leave short comments in Twitter, but there’s a lot of people see those comments, so here is a great place to leave a few affiliate marketing product links. (Example: Hey everybody; just found this new product and it is awesome. Check it out http;//your-affiliate-link.goes/here)

10. Spamming is a no no in affiliate marketing. You want to promote products not spam people to death. What you need to do is build a good relationship with you prospect clients. To do this requires you to go on your social media accounts and leave comments, likes and following. Basic communication with your people, then ever so often leave a link and tell people about the link and what the product is.

11. Free, Free, Promote… Another way to build a good relationship in affiliate marketing is to give your prospects free stuff. Free, Free, promote. It’s best to give away two free products then promote one product or sale. I know you’re wondering how to offer something free that you don’t have. It’s a lot simpler than you think. You can offer advice or your personal input on a subject. Best of all you can just Google for free stuff and offer links to those sites. Click these two links to see my free stuff to you. Don’t worry, it’s 100% free not a scam. Remember, we are not in the scam or spam business. https://goo.gl/DtjdWH and https://goo.gl/LJcKC5. The cool part is most companies that offer you to give away free stuff still pay you to give it away. Wait, I know that sounds like BS but, it’s true. Why would they pay you to give their stuff away? It’s advertising. They give free stuff in hopes that people will like their product and then buy more of it later. Remember, Free, Free, Promote?

12. Notice that most of the links I used in this layout all start with “goo.gl”. That’s call a short link. You use short links because they look neat, clean and take up less space. For example, the following is a basic long affiliate marketing coded URL address link: https://www.edenfantasys.com/sexy-lingerie/sexy-panties/aqua-lace-panty?utm_source=eden-partner&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=plink&utm_content=ZU1&utm_term=#pcode-ZU1 takes up a lot of space. Now you can go to http://goo.gle and insert the link and Google will shorten it to this: https://goo.gl/CeCLza. If you don’t want to use Goo.gl then you can use https://tinyurl.com/. Tiny will give you this URL link https://tinyurl.com/y75pla7k. All the links still send you to the same site with your affiliate ID. *Warning: the link in this step may contain adult content

Now it’s all up to you. Don’t get discouraged, things won’t happen overnight. This business takes effort and time. Some products you promote may not sale good. Remember, just because you like the product, other people may not. A good practice is to research the product you want to promote. The more you learn the better you can make your business.

The Affiliate Marketing Business is everywhere. Lots of people are making huge earnings at affiliate marketing. Some are satisfied remaining at just making a little extra spending money while others are making six figures. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing, you can take it as far as you want.

The format is not a complete ‘How to course’ in affiliate marketing. It is however, the basics that you need to get started. The real how to course involves you trying out things that work best for you. All I can offer you is a path to take but, success all depends on you. If you put little effort in, then little will come out. The more you put in to affiliate marketing, the more return you will have.

For people who really want to take affiliate marketing to the top I recommend this e-book. Click the image if you want to learn more>>>>>>Super Affiliate





I wish you well in your endeavors.
Good Luck




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